March 25th- Writing Assignment #3 Due in class – Wednesday October 30th

  1. Read: Becoming Modern, An Introduction
  2. Read the following article by Margaret Seibert:
    The Atalier of the Painter, also known as The Artist’s Studio.

    • Note: You need to authenticate you are a BC student to access this article.
    • Directions:
      • User ID is your 8-digit CUNY-assigned EMPLID.
      • Password follows the following format FLMM/DD/YY.
        FL = Your CUNYfirst official First and Last initials (upper case)
        MM/DD/YY = Your birthdate with “/” separators

        Ex: John Doe born May 1, 1998, Password would be JD05/01/98.
  3. Look up the Courbet’s painting The Artist’s Studio, to see what it looks like and to better understand your reading.
  4. Write a 1 page summary of the article, with its relevance to the pages about modernism.

You do not need to include a picture – I want your 1 page to be all writing.

BC Realism and Impressionism Images